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 SWOT Analysis for Serendib

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madushanki perera

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SWOT Analysis for Serendib  Empty
PostSubject: SWOT Analysis for Serendib    SWOT Analysis for Serendib  EmptyFri Jun 09, 2017 8:15 pm

Hi Friends..

This is the SWOT Analysis that I have construct.Please add the missing points if there any. Smile Smile

• Serendib is a well established company in the food Industry for many Years.
• Serendib is a leading footwear manufacturers and retailers in the Industry.
• Company consists with loyalty and well motivated employees.
• Internationally reputed Footwear designers willing to join the company.
• Serendib consist with well qualified team of Designers.
• Company has a good relationship with community and Stakeholders.
• As the main raw material is rubber, the company can get it from the local market easily.
• Centrally procurement of raw materials will enable company to gain economic of scale over production.


• Failure in the investment done in the home grown up market brand
• Finance cost count for ¾ of the operating profit of the company.
• Inadequate time allocation for capacity planning as operation department only knows about the sales requirement prior to three months.
• Serendib doesn't have an integrated logistics Management System.
• Intense competition from imports and new entrants to the market
• Domestic footwear industry is going through a rapid transition along with the changes in the demographics in the country.


• Opportunity emerged over online selling Market
• Serendib as an opportunity in the high end market as the consumers are moving from low end market to the high end market.
• Company also has an opportunity over a footwear export market as its growing market(specially for US and UK market.

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Nirosha Gayani

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SWOT Analysis for Serendib  Empty
PostSubject: Re: SWOT Analysis for Serendib    SWOT Analysis for Serendib  EmptyMon Jun 12, 2017 9:32 pm

Hai friends, I would like to add few points to Madu's SWOT analysis

Having Well established 12 brands and most of them are high level of penetration in the mass market.
They positioned "Value for money footwear " in the mind of customers.
The founders are well experience in the field and other directors also experienced and qualified.
They are catered all segments in the footwear market.
Company having state of the art center for innovative design which create competitive advantage to company. They capitalize there product in the timing of festive season.
40% of the Production is producing by Sub contactors and which help company to achieve economics of scale.
Having good budgetary system ensure smooth Production and marketing.
Serendib Having good CSR program which enhance the image of the company and good relationship with the community.

Company only has 10% of the market share and there is a opportunity to increase the market share by obtaining another good brand dealership.
Increase of Middle income population, increase female workforce, will create the demand for designer footwear.
can move to other rubber based product like gloves, wallets, bags .

Horana factory is least automated and efficiency and capacity level is low.
There is a longer lead time when obtain footwear from Bangladesh due to shipment time and no Quality control mechanism to overview the quality of the production from Bangaladesh.
The company's budgetary system does not consider expansion requirement just only current requirements only.
Serendib does not implement integrated inventory management system including warehouse and retail shops. Just only use simple standalone inventory system which unable to ascertain inventory position.

company not use integrated management system and will create poor order management, Freight management and Ware house management.
Company is a high geared company and high finance cost create low profitability as well as high finance risk.

Poor quality low prices imports from India and china.
Indian Exclusive dealership only 5 years renewal after 5 year is questionable.
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SWOT Analysis for Serendib
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